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What you should know about Honeymoon

The individual components of HONEYMOON have been known for many centuries in their country of origin for their effect on the body and mind, and are still used today.


These are only natural products, without any chemicals.


Only the original HONEYMOON has the perfect composition of all these natural products. All contents are concentrated extracts of plants, hence, many times more effective than the simple, normal product. 

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We optimized the secret recipe and ran an 18-month long study with male and female volunteers aged between 18-70 years from 23 different countries and achieved very good test results. After only 2 days 34% of all the volunteers noticed a change in their emotional state. After 12 days, we received positive feedback from ca. 91% perceiving a tangible improvement of their health and wellbeing. Men and women whose love live became more attractive and lively gave especially positive feedback.


The test persons observed a particular positive effect in the following areas: stress-relieve, enhancement of their physical and mental performance, increasing pleasure, stimulation of their potency, increase of their body’s defenses, increased balance, impaired menopausal symptoms.

Honeymoon has proven to be successful and will bring a healthy balance into your everyday life. Integrate Honeymoon into your daily routine and revitalize your hidden, natural strength and set your energy free.

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